A Genuine Guiding Voice through NYC’s Cabaret Scene

Among the many forms of shows and entertainment to choose from in the city, visiting a cabaret can be an illuminating experience. But with many to choose from, it can’t hurt to have a little but of guidance when selecting which show to go see.

Fortunately, there are quality sites for independent reviews of almost any New York City cabaret such as the website provided by Ms. Ahlfors. The New York City Cabaret section of her site hosts a lot information regarding past and present news about the shows currently playing.

What’s missing in publications such as The New York Times and other established media platforms is that their reviews sound a bit too structured and careful in consideration for local culture. However, an independent voice such as Ms. Ahlfors holds more weight among readers and theater goers because hers (and others like her) are simply genuine. Readers can tell she has a true passion for the arts and that her voice is free from outside influence.

Her reviews span several years and each post casts light on how each production made her feel and allows to reflect on what elements truly made the show worthwhile. By carefully pointing out the specific elements of the shows that stood out, such as the types of instruments and songs that were played, her reviews are much more than just superficial commentaries of whether she had a good time sitting through a show or not. Instead, she delves deep into the production’s details, pointing out where and when and how certain elements furthered the value of the play.  By really sinking her teeth into the matter, readers and theater goers can get a true unadulterated opinion of what cabarets in New York City are really like.