A Drummer No Longer Has To Beat His Head For Spare Parts

There once was a brilliant drummer who let his garage pals down heavily. The band’s garage beats could never come right because this dude was thumping out of tune. The problem was that in spite of his brilliance, he could never improvise on his drum set. You see, the thing is, he’d been pounding the drums for so long, a number of years, in fact, almost on a daily basis – this is dedication, people – that not only was he pounding holes into the drums’ surfaces, the parts that hold the set together had started to wear down and then fall apart.

But okay, what’s the big deal here then? Couldn’t the musician just collect the funds from his fellow band members and then nip down to the local music store? But try walking all across the continent, this could take you a while (but it would not really matter because you’d still have to wait long for spare parts) and see how many Musical Implements Stores you can count. You go local and you’ll be lucky if there is a store in town. But, really, guys, where have these dudes been. They must be old geriatric rockers because haven’t they heard of the internet?

Are they not aware that you can do pretty much all your shopping online, even for a soda or a new pair of drumsticks, takeouts or the real thing. Dude, you can purchase Mesh Drum Heads online once you’ve pounded your originals into the ground. You don’t need to hunt high and low all over town and all you need is your usual charge card and, get the beat, the new instruments and/or parts can be shipped to you in next to no time.